What Is Call Tracking for Franchise Businesses?

Call tracking for franchise businesses informs your team exactly how inbound callers found your business.

While this data is important for all businesses, it is especially helpful for national franchise businesses when it comes to determining marketing strategies.

Make the most of the time and budget you spend taking calls by tracking them.


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Call tracking provides valuable, actionable data for franchises.


Multi-location Call Tracking for Franchise and Local Businesses


As a franchise or local business, always be sure to review your franchise agreement before implementing call tracking. Once you’ve confirmed that call tracking is compliant with your franchise agreement, here’s what our process at PointA looks like for implementation …

We use your Google Tag Manager account to set up call tracking. Our team sets up an event for anyone that clicks a link starting with “tel:”. We then set the event label as {{Click Text}}, and you’ll be able to see what phone number was called. This method is used at the corporate level, and all franchise data is visible on the corporate Google Analytics account.

You can also track your customer journey in Google Analytics. So not only can you see which click-to-call links were clicked, you can see how users ended up on the page with that link on it in the first place! If you’re noticing users aren’t calling you from the pages you’d expect, this is an opportunity to streamline your marketing funnel. There is also demographic data in Google Analytics that will allow you to understand your audience better so that when they do click to call you, you know who they are and how to talk to them.


The ROI of Call Tracking


Call tracking shows you which of your marketing strategies are actually working – and you will receive demographic data at the same time! For example, if you’re spending money on two paid ads but are only getting phone calls from one, it might be time to pause the one that isn’t performing. It’s a win-win because call tracking helps you spend your money in the most efficient ways possible. (And it shows you when you should stop spending money on strategies that aren’t working.) This article from Entrepreneur sums it up perfectly:

“Whether you’ve always relied on inbound calls or there’s been an uptick now that foot traffic is down, a single inbound call represents a lot more than just a potential customer. Turning data from that call into actionable insights can put a [local] business on the path to a successful rebound and more.”

After all, modern marketing isn’t just a one-way broadcast anymore. Successful businesses converse with their audience daily and they learn from every single customer.

Call tracking will help you start that process and evolve into your most profitable self.


Don’t Miss Out on Actionable Call Tracking Data!


At PointA, we prioritize call tracking because it makes our clients more efficient. Marketers at the corporate level can see exactly how their franchises are performing locally and can adjust strategy as needed based on that data. Local businesses know exactly where to spend their money (be it through paid efforts or organic SEO) for maximum ROI thanks to data from call tracking, and they know exactly whom they’re talking to, so they can hone their brand voice for optimum relevancy.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Give our team a call at 231.882.1100 or fill out our contact form to get the most bang for your buck with streamlined call tracking for your franchise business.

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