How to Build a Content Calendar for Your Franchise Business

Your franchise business has goals to hit and products or services to be sold, which is why your content should have strategy behind it that’s as exciting and unique as your brand.

Check out these six steps to develop the perfect content calendar for your franchise or small business: 

1. Build Your Strategy

­­Knowing your vision ensures that you’re creating content to help move your small business or franchise forward. If there isn’t strategy behind your content, and you are simply posting to post, it can result in decreased engagements.

By answering these questions, you can easily start to build a content strategy for your content efforts:

  • What are your business goals?
  • How will you know if/when you’re successful?
  • What are you doing to regularly promote your brand?

2. Audit Your Competitors & Yourself

Looking at what you and your competitors are doing and finding out the expectations your audience has, will help you develop a relevant and successful content calendar.

  • What are you doing?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What are the current trends? 

Which content pieces of yours performed the best? You can find this through posts with top likes, blog posts with top clicks or comments, and which content received the most interaction. Note the times and days of the week that top content was posted. This can help you select the days, times to post your future content, and what topics and format types (videos, text posts, picture posts, etc.) are most popular with your audience and prospects.

3. Plan Your Content

Content is key! Both readers and search engines are constantly looking for fresh, relevant content. By posting frequently to your blog and on social media platforms to answer questions your customers may have, you can help increase your business brand awareness, sales and customer base.

Before you get started, though, you’ll need to collect ideas for content. Blog posts published by franchisees don’t have to be revolutionary, but they should be informational and engaging.

If you’re unable to think of content your audience may be most interested in, take a few keywords from your top products, services or currently trending topics and brainstorm what you can teach your audience (as subject matter experts in your field or industry). By putting your audience first, you can plan content that resonates with potential customers, for example, by providing them with how-to content they care about and that also is relevant to your business’ product or service. 

4. Recycle Old Content

If your business is seasonal, we give you permission to recycle your content! This helps cut down time spent on marketing and lets you focus more on your business. By quickly updating your photos and content, you can repurpose engaging pieces that your audience will need based on the season. If you saw increased engagements on a certain topic in a previous season, build on it! Just because you’ve talked about a topic before doesn’t mean it’s completely off the table. If you know your audience is passionate about a certain topic (that’s relevant to your business), give them more in-depth information to bring them back to your site. 

5. Schedule Your Content

Time, date and place are all pieces of information you should always include on a party invitation, but they’re also items you should include on your content marketing calendar! After building your strategy, auditing yourself and competitors, and taking the time to develop the best content for your audience, it is time to pick the perfect time to launch your content! By building monthly or weekly content marketing calendars, you can proactively and strategically build your brand with the messages and stories you want to tell the most. 

6. Perfect Your Content Strategy

Perfection takes time, monitoring, dedication and change! Stay up-to-date with your analytics, likes, interactions, shares and comments and make the necessary adjustments. Note trends and themes from your audience and continue to use content or ideas that you are seeing the most engagements with. 

Need Help with Content Planning and Production?

Creating a perfect content marketing calendar for your business takes time. However, if you build, audit, develop, recycle, schedule and perfect, you are taking the steps necessary to move the needle.

If you have questions or would like to learn about how PointA can develop a content calendar (or content creation) for your franchise or small business, contact us or call us at (231) 882-1100. 


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