Sneaky Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Franchisees

Imagine you move into a new home and see ads on your phone and computer for a particular service or product that you could utilize in your new space, and then a few days later you receive a piece of mail for the same thing.

By utilizing both digital and print, it’s never been easier to reach target audiences first, gain brand awareness and increase profits. Check out how this is possible and why your franchise or small business should be changing up your traditional direct mail marketing strategy.


How is it possible to guarantee target audiences will receive both print and digital marketing pieces?

We get it, print and digital are two separate entities, and I bet you’re wondering how it would ever be possible to match the two up. Through the tech and advertising company El Toro, physical home addresses are matched to IP addresses with extreme precision. 

This means that whenever someone is browsing the internet on any device in their home, they see an ad that is hyper-targeted and that works in concert with your direct mail program. Think of it as direct mail, but for the computer or the smartphone. 



Why should franchisees be utilizing a strategy that coordinates and synchronizes digital and print?

Easy! Increased sales, audience safety andman holding mail advertisements brand awareness. By reaching your audience first, when they need you most, you are able to fill a need on their end and also beat out competitors. For instance, if you are looking to target individuals who have just moved, there is a 30-day window before and after the move where most purchase decisions are made. The average spend during this period is $8,700 per household, and once that audience buys from you they are 90 percent more likely to become a repeat customer.

By targeting your audience at the correct time, you can beat out the competition to gain repeat customers.

What would a timeline for this type of campaign look like?

Ideally, digital ads to customers would start running five days before the first direct mail drop. This way, the customer would be able to develop some brand awareness around the organization, product or service. Next, digital ads could continue to serve through the mailing drop period or just on the drop days. For maximum exposure, there is also the opportunity to continue the digital ads after the physical mailing drop period ends.


How can my franchise take this on? It seems like a lot!

Great news, you don’t have to! PointA can help you create the perfect IP targeting plan from development to execution to reach your demographic through both print and digital. Contact us to help your business beat the competition and move the needle on sales!


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