Doing Business in Michigan

Congratulations, you’ve just joined, or are about to, the ranks of hardworking entrepreneurs across the Great Lakes state committed to a dream. Because we serve the owners of small businesses in Michigan and want to help these dreams thrive, below we provide a few reasons why you should open a business in Michigan, and a few things you can expect if and when you do.

Why Open a Business in Michigan?

Beyond the beauty and recreation available thanks to the large bodies of fresh water that lap our shorelines, there are many reasons to open a business in Michigan. Here are our top three:

Great Talent

Michigan State University, University of Michigan and Michigan Technical University are just three of the well-known universities that provide an excellent talent pool for businesses looking for qualified employees. Beyond these major universities, Michigan is host to over 70+ other lauded and recognized four-year colleges and universities, 30 community colleges, and 80 vocational, technical and trade schools, many with programs that help graduates find jobs and businesses to find the right employees.

Tax Incentives According to The Detroit Free Press, Michigan’s tax breaks and incentives for businesses are well above the national average.


Michigan is host to many business and manufacturers run by owners and employees who take pride in their work. When you’re looking to outsource a job, looking for help, or need B2B services, you’ll often find what you need right here in the state with the enduring spirit and can-do attitude that has helped many of these businesses thrive.

What to Expect When Doing Business in Michigan

The beauty of the seasons also brings challenges to Michigan business owners. Here’s what you can expect if you open a business in the Great Lakes state:

Plan on some bad weather.

  • Winter can get bad. All Michigan business owners should have a policy for inclement weather. Not only is it just dangerous to drive after it’s just snowed three feet on top of roads covered in black ice, some employees are probably waiting for their plow guy to get them out of their driveway. Plus, electric service can go out due to high winds during any of our four seasons. Plan on losing some productivity for 3-5 days a year.
  • Bad weather, road construction, flash flooding, down trees and icy conditions can also make it difficult for customers to get to you. Understand that even if your employees are willing to drive to work, your customers might not be.

Plan on some good weather.

  • Summer is short, but oh-so-sweet. Reward your vitamin-D-deprived employees with some extra time off between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s no secret that everyone would rather be on the beach than working. The truth is, your employees will be happier and healthier, and that means more productive employees and less turnover.
  • Depending on the nature of your business, business in Michigan can be seasonal, with months where you’re crazy-busy and stretches where things are slow. Anticipate the ups and downs throughout the year and make a plan for what you can do to get through the slumps.

Embrace the Seasons and Open Up Shop in Michigan

Do yourself a favor and embrace the seasons – five-foot snow banks and torrential downpours included. The reality is, there is nothing you can do about it, other than opening business in Florida. But Michigan is so much better than Florida. Take advantage of Michigan’s beauty, qualified talent pool, and tax incentives and see for yourself why so many call the mitten state home for their business. A digital presence online will make your company a known commodity with instant credibility.  Learn how PointA can help you meet your business goals in Michigan and beyond. Give us a call at (231) 882-1100 or reach out to us online.

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