Two Effective #PureMichigan Ads to Learn From

#PureMichigan was a tourism campaign promoting the state of Michigan. Although the campaign was defunded in 2019, the fact that we’re still talking about it means #PureMichigan was more than just another state-funded promotion. Boasting a relatively high return on investment, the #PureMichigan campaign has a lot to teach marketers and business owners alike.

Here’s what to take away from the #PureMichigan campaign to translate to your business …

Wish You Were Here: Invite Your Audience In


The voiceover on this ad starts with, “Wish you were here: words we’ve often seen on postcards and letters from friends and family. Luckily, there’s an entire state that whispers, ‘Wish you were here.’”

In two simple lines, this #PureMichigan commercial directly addresses the viewer, pulling them in. It establishes a sense of familiarity and humanity with the viewer, proving that, yes, the people behind #PureMichigan are real people; people with families and friends, just like the viewer. This first line establishes authenticity.

The second line adds a veiled call to action. Michigan’s act of whispering, “Wish you were here” to the viewer equates the state with the friends and family of the viewer. It personifies Michigan to the point where the state invites them to visit just like a friend might invite them over for the weekend.

Here’s what to take away from this ad:

  • Invite the viewer or reader into your campaign. Don’t be afraid to talk to them directly. Show that you’re a real person in their community, instead of an agency marketing to an audience.
  • Promote action without forcing it. Make sure your calls to action are authentic. Position your brand as a member of the viewer’s community, or – if it makes sense – as one of their friends.


A Simple Sunrise: Create a Sense of Urgency



“25,000 mornings, give or take, is all we humans get.” The first line of this #PureMichigan ad, paired with some peaceful piano music, creates a juxtaposition that sets the scene for the rest of the commercial. By catching the viewer’s attention with a statistic that’s relevant to their lives, this ad hooks the viewer right from the beginning. Although the statistic – we only get 25,000 mornings in our lives – might seem ominous on its own, pairing it with the peaceful music suggests that there is a solution.

This ad positions itself as a way out of having to spend those 25,000 mornings on sweating treadmills or stressing in traffic. “Go spend [your mornings] in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic,” suggests the ad before it moves into its final call to action: “25,000 mornings. Make sure some of them are Pure Michigan.”

This ad does a great job of provoking a sense of urgency with the viewer. We only get 25,000 mornings in our lives; do you really want to spend them all in the hustle and bustle of city life? Or, would you rather enjoy the sunrise and go for boat rides on the lake? This ad makes the choice easy.

Here’s what to take away:

  • Create a sense of urgency with the viewer. Use numbers or hard facts to communicate truth. Make sure it’s something the vast majority of people can relate to.
  • Solve the problem outlined in your advertisement. Make sure your audience knows the solution. Spend some time adding to the allure of this solution.


Be a Part of Your Community


Advertising is a tricky business. Finding the balance between getting your message across and adding value to the lives of your audience requires a level of skill our team at PointA has mastered. Consider partnering with us for your next ad campaign. Give us a call at 231.882.1100 to get started!

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