Small Business Free Advertising Ideas for Google

Effective marketing requires both time and money to work properly. But, we’re a small business, too, and so we know those are two big requirements that are often hard to find.

Well, what if we told you that you can accomplish some solid online advertising for free? Free takes away the budget requirement for your small business marketing, so half the battle is won!

Google is your digital storefront, and we’re going to help you hang an “Open” sign at no cost so you can start attracting customers for free with our marketing techniques for small businesses.


Use Google My Business for Free Online Advertising


Google My Business (GMB) is numero uno on our list of free online advertising ideas for small businesses.


Because it’s easy, it’s free and Google loves it when you use their products, so it’s worth the time you’ll invest making your GMB listing shine.

Chances are, your business already has a listing, but it’s up to you to optimize and maintain it. Check out this infographic designed to help small businesses with Google My Business.

It’s important to optimize and maintain the rest of your local listings too, but we know you’re short on time. There are other free marketing techniques for small businesses we’d like to explore.

Want someone else to manage your local listings? See what our local listings management for small businesses can do for you.

Here are some specific ideas for using GMB as a free advertising tool:

  1. When you’re running a sale or promotion, use Google My Business posts to boost engagement.
  2. Solicit reviews from your happy customers so prospective customers can see your high rating in your GMB profile.


Social Media Is a Free Advertising Tool Small Businesses Can Use


You likely already have social media accounts for your small business or franchise, but did you know you’re doing more than just engaging with your audience with social media posts?

According to Neil Patel, a leading digital marketer, social media profiles are among the top results in search listings for brand names.

This means when someone searches “PointA Marketing,” it’s our LinkedIn or other social media profiles showing up near the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Our website is still the first result that shows up, but if we want to take up more of the SERP (and we do), then we need to have more brand-specific sites to take up that real estate, which social media offers for free.

Our LinkedIn profile is the second result for “pointa marketing.” You can also see our Google My Business listing.


screenshot of search query

Our LinkedIn profile is the second result for “pointa marketing.” You can also see our Google My Business listing.


Some Social Media Tips:

  1. Pick one platform and really invest your time in it. Don’t wear yourself thin trying to make all your social media profiles show up in the SERP.
  2. Link back to your website regularly. Your goal is to always bring users to your website, even if they find you on the SERP through your Facebook page!

Questions about Facebook marketing? Ask our sister company Oneupweb, the Facebook Mentors.


Leverage Search Engine Optimization to Get Your Business Seen on Google


This is the big one. If you’re really serious about appearing higher on Google, you need to invest the time in a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, the gist is this: The content on your website lets Google know what your business is all about. So, if you’re a plumbing franchise, you can make sure that target keywords like “plumbing service” appear in the copy on your site so that your business’s website shows up when someone searches for that term.

That’s SEO at its very basic level. Effectively leveraging an SEO strategy requires help from professionals.

Tips if You Want to Try SEO:

  1. SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. Create content for your site regularly that targets popular search terms that are also relevant to your business. For example, try searching for one of your products or services and see what Google suggests for “People also ask.”
  2. Focus on optimizing three to five pages of your website (like the homepage) with all the right SEO components like a well-optimized title tag, meta description and H1 headline. Track those pages’ performance with Google Analytics.


The Best Advertising, Though, Won’t Be Free


Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet for free marketing techniques for small businesses. Advertising is inherently a pay-to-play space.

The good news is that we offer price points that don’t make small businesses shy away from online advertising. If you’re interested in finding out what PointA can do for your business, reach out or call 231.882.1100 today.


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