Google My Business Ranking in Neighboring Markets

Making sure your business is ranking on Google is a key way to bring in local traffic and customers. But what happens when your business provides services outside the city you are physically located in? And how do you bring in customers from neighboring cities?

What if, for example, you’re a locksmith in a small town near a larger town where most of your potential customers live. How can you rank in that town next-door on Google My Business?

There are a few ways to rank in neighboring markets, check them out below.


How to Improve Google My Business Ranking in Neighboring Markets


Update your service area — In Google My Business you are able to add in your address, and then below, it will ask for your service areas. We recommend putting in your top five surrounding service areas that you do the most work in to be able to show up in searches in these areas.

When you don’t add in the surrounding service areas, you’re only able to rank in the area your physical location is, which limits your reach. In Google My Business you can also choose to 1) hide your address and simply show your reach radius or 2) show your service area around your address. Both of these options expand your GMB reach beyond your physical location.


Rank in organic results — Outside of updating your service area, it’s also important to rank in the organic results in neighboring markets and not just your market. Being able to have your business listed in both the local pack and the organic Google search results locally and outside of your market gives your business additional credibility and visibility. This can be done by creating city landing pages on your website that are informational and beneficial to your audience. For instance, if you are looking to rank in two neighboring markets, consider creating two city landing pages that are unique and targeted specifically to the neighboring market.

In order to organically rank, your city landing page needs to be optimized with correct business information that is beneficial to the user. Make sure to include proper business and goods descriptions, contact information, headings, external links, engaging page content, certifications, awards and any news articles or exceptional facts about your business unique to the neighboring market. The more information that can provide users an answer regarding your business and products, the higher your page will begin to rank in those neighboring markets.


Put your reviews and ratings on display — A great way to improve your Google My Business ranking in local markets is to put your reviews on display by making all reviews public. This way you can easily show potential customers in neighboring markets that others from their town have also utilized your service or business and recommend using you as well. One of the first thing prospective customers look for, especially from service-based businesses, are reviews from people from their own locale who have already had positive experiences with you.


Update your images — images are a great way to show the areas where your services are offered. When you upload a photo, Google gives you the option to add in alt text and an image title. In this area you can list the location the photo was taken that may not be your physical city. This helps when Google scans for services connected to you in a particular area and can help you better rank.


Own your current location — Earning media coverage, interviews or any publicity for your physical location can help you develop credibility and revenue. After building this solid base in your location, you can then take successfully start promoting your business to neighboring markets, knowing prospective customers will be reading positive news about your business.


Let PointA Help with Your Google My Business Ranking


If you’re ready to start ranking in neighboring markets but are unsure where to start, let PointA help. Our team is ready to help with all of your Google My Business ranking and marketing needs to help you get from PointA to Point B. Give us a call at (231) 882-1100 or submit our online form to get started today.

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