What Questions Should You Ask Your Digital Marketing Partner?

As your franchise business grows, you might be wondering what the best next move is for you to make. Hiring a digital marketing agency is an important step in a franchisee’s success.

Choosing the right marketing agency is key to reaching your business goals. The right agency will know your brand, have experience working with franchisees and be able to effectively communicate how marketing efforts serve your business.

If you’re left wondering how to start your search for the right marketing agency, these questions for your potential digital marketing partner will lead you in the right direction.  

1) What kind of reporting do I get?

In order to see the success of ad campaigns and overall marketing efforts, you should have access to reports. These reports vary but will give you a greater idea of how specific goals are being met throughout the year. At PointA, we provide our clients with custom reports that show you exactly what your money is getting you. Examples of these reports might include specific metrics from a recent ad campaign, particularly the number of impressions or conversion rate . If you engage us for search engine optimization, we will create a report showing organic traffic, new organic users, organic conversions and much more. If you launch a new service page or homepage for your specific franchise, we can make sure it is hitting the search engine results page and getting you the traffic you need with a detailed report.


2) What kind of ROI can I expect?

Return on investment is the cornerstone of a successful business. If you aren’t concerned about the efficacy of your marketing campaign, you should be. PointA is the kind of digital marketing partner that prioritizes ROI. Creating a clean account structure while working with you to develop a custom tracking strategy will help provide ROI for your digital marketing campaigns. After a website redesign, one of PointA’s clients saw so much organic growth, they were no longer able to accommodate new business.



3) How do I make sure that my local efforts are connected to the national marketing efforts from corporate?

For a franchisee, it is important to adhere to national branding and marketing strategy to create a cohesive business. The digital marketing agency you hire should be able to ensure corporate isn’t bidding on the same keywords as your franchise. Additionally, the hope would be to test calls to action at the corporate level to see what works, so it can trickle down and work for you at the local level. So, it’s imperative your digital marketing partner recognizes and utilizes the national objective. PointA is different in that we work with our parent company Oneupweb to make marketing efforts on the national and local levels seamless. Oneupweb handles the overarching marketing campaign while PointA works with each individual franchise to implement it locally.


4) What is your approach to franchise marketing?

Before hiring a digital marketing agency, you’ll need to know about their experience with franchise marketing. The right digital marketing agency will have knowledge of how the franchise industry works. It takes a different kind of strategy than  other industries. For example, PointA knows the value of having a cross-linking between franchisees and getting workflow approved with the national organization. PointA is ready to implement paid search tactics so your franchise shows up in local search results. We also have an educational campaign for franchisees on marketing efforts, so they are equipped with the right knowledge, across the board.

When you’re ready to hire a marketing agency, consider PointA to move forward with you in this partnership. We have all the tools to effectively market a franchisee on the local level while simultaneously elevating the national brand. 


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Content marketing is a valuable piece of your overall digital marketing strategy. On the surface, materials categorized as “content marketing” may appear very similar to other assets deemed “advertisements” or simply “marketing.” There is, however, one key ingredient to content marketing that’s missing from ads and other forms of marketing.

That ingredient is the creation and distribution of intrinsic value – giving your audience what they need – no more, no less.


Content Marketing Provides Value


Content marketing, simply put, is a long-term marketing strategy to build awareness for your business and develop a relationship with customers by providing valuable content. As a small business owner, you’re used to taking marketing matters into your own hands. Content marketing is one of the ways you can boost rankings in the search engine results page (SERP), find new customers and develop trust in your company, all for very little (or no) cost.

While many people think of content marketing as churning out blogs, it is so much more than that misconception. Good content marketing informs the reader. Bad content marketing does not. Good content marketing is engaging. Bad content marketing isn’t.

content marketing blogging

Putting a blog on your website is a great way to start content marketing.

We believe value is the key ingredient to content marketing. Providing value to your audience, be they leads or clients, is what matters most to content marketing. When you produce high-quality content, it is likely to get picked up and shared. It’ll get linked to by other content marketers, it’ll get Tweeted and Facebooked. It might even get your business a lead. Content marketing is meant to be informational, not promotional.

You might wonder why we’re telling you to give information away for free, but content marketing is about building brand trust. When someone sees your name come up many times, they’ll start to trust you as the authority. Then, when it comes time to make a purchase, they choose you. Content marketing is definitely a long-term marketing solution and not a quick fix.

But it’s important to remember that content marketing is, in fact, still marketing. If you put in half the effort, you’ll see half the results. So what results can your small business expect?


Content Marketing for Small Businesses – What’s Your Return on Investment (ROI)?


While ROI is different for every business, there are some known benefits to having a solid content marketing strategy in place.


  • Content marketing can help boost your rankings in the SERP (when content is properly optimized).
  • If you use social media or email marketing, you might see more engagement as you create more posts around your content.


In Google Analytics, you can see how many leads are coming in through your new content. Taking it a step further, calculate a hard ROI with this formula:

# of leads x average inbound close rate x average transaction value


Start Creating With These Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


Content marketing comes in all forms. Don’t limit yourself - get creative and have fun with it! Below are some specific content marketing ideas you can start with immediately.


  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Blogs
    content marketing ideas

    Ideas to get you started with content marketing.

  • Videos
  • Lists
  • Case Studies


The possibilities are endless. The fun part about content marketing is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can start successfully creating valuable content today.


Complete Digital Marketing for Small Businesses


Here at PointA, we get you started. We provide what your small business needs to thrive in a digital space, at a price you can afford. If you need help with content marketing, we can do that. Something else your business needs? Take a look at our services. Your local customers are trying to find you – let us introduce you. Reach out today.

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