How to Track and Report Your Google My Business Performance

Creating and maintaining a Google My Business page is a great way to improve your local search ranking and bring new customers to your business. But how can you find out how many users are coming to your website from Google My Business? And what are they doing after they land on your website?

Find out why Google My Business tracking and reporting are so important for your business and what performance statistics you should track and report.


Why Google My Business Tracking is Important


Tracking quickly shows the positive or negative areas in your small business or franchise’s online presence. For instance, if your click-through rate is low, you would know there is something holding users back from clicking on your page. This could prompt you to update your GMB information to make sure everything is correct, and your business is represented accurately.

Knowing where you stand in your analytics or insights helps you stay proactive and make changes based on how users interact with your GMB panel. You can also see how any of your changes positively or negatively impact your Google My Business presence.


KPIs in the GMB Dashboard


There is a variety of GMB data to track, but here are the top key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be looking at and recording month over month and year over year to gauge the effectiveness of your local search presence.


  • Webpage Views & Traffic
    • On the dashboard, you can view how many people have viewed your website. If you want to see the traffic you have received from your Google My Business information, you would have to implement UTM parameters on your website link. This allows marketers to segment GMB traffic as part of Google organic traffic.


  • Customer Actions
    • Customer actions such as website clicks, directions and click to call in Google My Business can all be tracked. You can easily see what your customers are doing when they see your Google My Business information. If you are looking to find the information for user clicks on your website after finding your Google My Business page, you would need to implement UTM parameters on your website link.
google my business customer insights

In the Google My Business dashboard, you can see customer actions like how many people have visited your website or called you.


  • Customers Who Searched for Your Business
    • Knowing how your customers are finding you is another way to know more about your customer and business. You can view if they searched for you directly or if they were searching for a product or service you offer and found you through Google My Business. This also gives you the opportunity to update your keywords and services for customers to find your business more easily.
gmb tracking customers

In the GMB dashboard, you’ll also see where searches are coming from. Either by searching you directly, or searching for a service related to your business.


  • Where Customers View Your Business on Google
    • Are your customers finding you through listing searches or maps? This could reveal whether your customer is looking for companies in close proximity to them or for the top service providers in the area.
google my business dashboard

You’ll also see insights for your cusomters finding you on search vs. maps.

How to Track GMB Traffic in Google Analytics


By tracking your Google My Business traffic in Google Analytics, you can implement UTM parameters to segment traffic from the rest of Google organic. Here is how to get started:

1) On the URL builder form, add your Google My Business URL into where it asks you to add the website URL. Then name the campaign something such as “GMB” to easily keep track of it.

2) Next, you will have to finish filling out the form. Here are the suggested parameters we use: ?medium=organic, ?source=gmb, ?campaign=local

3) After filling out the form, you will be given a URL that is ready to be used on your Google My Business page. After implementing it on your GMB page, you will now be able to track the traffic from users who came from Google My Business to your website.

gmb tracking url

Your tracking URL for Google My Business traffic should look something like this.


Why Google My Business Reporting is Important


Reporting is the easiest way to show month over month and year over year changes to your Google My Business page. By keeping consistent reporting, you can identify negative or positive trends that are impacting your franchise or small business. By analyzing these trends, your business can build upon successful pages, interactions or messaging and quickly make changes to any negative trends.


What You Should Be Reporting

  • Key Google My Business statistics
  • How statistics relate to your goals
  • What your business can do to meet goals

Reporting should include key statistics that help you get to the goals set within your organization. For instance, if your current goal is to increase page views, you would want to track page views each month and establish what your business can do to get those clicks to increase. Month over month, you would be able to see what is working to get clicks and what isn’t.


Choose PointA for Google My Business Reporting & Tracking


If you need help with Google My Business tracking or reporting, PointA is here and ready to assist! Let our team create customized reports and performance tracking along with any other marketing services you may need to help get your business get from PointA to point B.

Give us a call at (231) 882-1100 or fill out the form on the contact us page to get started making your marketing as exciting and unique as your small business or franchise.

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