Local Listings Management FAQ for Small Businesses

Mastering your small business’s local listings is crucial. As a small business, you’re relying on local consumers to make your business an ongoing success. So here, we answer your most frequently asked questions about local listings management.


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Local listing management is an important task for any small business owners looking to rank in local search results.


This Q&A will answer some of the most common questions among small business owners:

  • Should I have a Google My Business profile?
  • Should I hide my address on Google My Business?
  • Do I need to manage more than just Google?
  • Is Yelp trying to bully me into buying ads?
  • Does local listings management cover voice search?
  • What if I want to rank in more than one city – can I use someone else’s address?


Should I Have a Google My Business Profile?


Your local business listing on Google (aka your Google My Business profile) is one of your most valuable assets. Having a Google My Business profile gives your business instant credibility and communicates essential information to your audience, not to mention it helps your business rank for local search queries. Yes, you should have a Google My Business profile.


Should I Hide My Address on Google My Business?


If your business is based out of your home or you don’t want to be limited to a set service area, you may not want your address posted on your Google My Business profile. But while you can hide your address, that doesn’t mean you should. Local businesses that show their address receive 34% more organic sessions to their pages from the Google local pack according to a study by our parent company, Oneupweb. The bottom line: Only you know for sure, but showing your address will help drive traffic to your website.


Do I Need to Manage More Than Just Google?


It’s no secret that Google owns the search market. It is, however, important to look beyond Google when it comes to local business listings. Ranking well in search engines can give your Google My Business profile a better signal in terms of domain authority on other sites, so performing well in local on subsidiary sites may help to build your rankings back in Google (via Search Engine Land). Additionally, having all your eggs in one basket is rarely the best strategy.


Is Yelp Trying to Bully Me into Buying Ads?


Yelp faced an extortion claim back in 2010. Some business owners with listings on Yelp claimed that Yelp hid positive reviews and promoted negative reviews of businesses that did not advertise on the Yelp platform. Yelp denies this accusation and cited an independent study that found “advertising plays no role in how reviews are recommended on Yelp.”

It’s clear, however, that business owners still feel extorted to advertise on Yelp. Billion Dollar Bully, a documentary released in May of 2019, featured interviews with business owners about their experiences on Yelp. Many of these business owners still felt uncomfortable with Yelp’s sales strategy, likening Yelp sales reps to the mafia.


Does Local Listing Management Cover Voice Search?


Yes. Going above and beyond your standard name, address and phone number (lovingly nicknamed and abbreviated “NAP” in the SEO world) will get your business optimized for voice search. This means adding your products, services, menus, hours and anything else that applies to your business to your search engine listing. With PointA, you can rest assured that your local listings are optimized for voice search.


Can I Use Someone Else’s Address?


Some business owners may be tempted to list an address that isn’t theirs for a multitude of reasons – whether they operate out of their home or they want to increase their identified service area, your address has a lot of power in Google search. While using someone else’s address on your local listing profile may not be illegal, it can be considered address fraud. Think about it this way: It may help you to use another address on your profile, but what about the person who lives at or runs business at the address you use? There are a number of consequences – legal and moral – of using an address that isn’t your own.


Want It Done Right?


We’re local listings experts. Having optimized local listings will help your business rank in local search, give your brand a sense of legitimacy, help your customers find you, and give you actionable data about that audience. What’s not to love? Our local listings management team ensures your listings are consistent, accurate and optimized across each search engine and directory. Give us a call at 231.882.1100 to discuss your project today.

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