Tips for Successful Marketing of Services for a Franchise Brand

Marketing Ideas for Service Companies


Marketing for service companies can take any different forms. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or simply drive organic traffic to your blog, there are many different marketing tactics that work. Each will depend on your budget, time and end goal.

Keep reading to learn a few creative ways to market your service company, from PointA, the experts in franchise and small business marketing.


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Creative Ways to Market Local Businesses


Create a Content Calendar


A content calendar allows you to lay out a strategy for success well in advance. Planning should begin in the final quarter of the year before to ensure you have plenty of time to research trends, keywords and concepts. By using keyword research and trend data, you should be able to map out concepts for the rest of the year. This helps you create consistent and relevant content, and having a pre-planned calendar holds you accountable when you have a plan to follow.


Create a Referral Program


Service-based businesses can’t forget about word-of-mouth marketing. For many would-be customers, a recommendation from your neighbor or good friend can mean a lot more than what a hundred strangers say on the internet. Creating a referral program is a great way to encourage happy customers to send people your way.


Develop a Review Strategy


So many service-based business rely on positive reviews because they mean so much to so many users trying to make a quick purchasing decision on their smartphones. Not only do reviews help with your rank in the Google local search landscape, they give potential customers insight into your business.

While Google does not allow business to give customers incentives to leaving reviews, there are other ways to encourage customers to review you online! One business, for example, gave their own employees a small reward if the customer left a review. Even just asking for reviews and providing customers with an easy way to leave them can significantly increase review count. This assumes, of course, that you have claimed and verified your business on local listing platforms. Confused? Learn more about the importance of Google My Business for small businesses.


Be the Expert Your Community Needs


Service-based business need to be seen as the experts in their field in their local area, and what better way to do this than to write and publish expert how-to content on your website? Writing service pages with geo-specific keywords is a great way to target and capture organic traffic. The advantage of this strategy is that business owners are aware of certain services, questions or problems that may be unique to their own communities.

For example, maybe they run a painting business and live in an area where there are multiple neighborhoods built in the ‘70s and there are a lot of homes that have textured ceilings that people want removed. Writing a service page for “popcorn ceiling removal in (insert town)” would be a great way to target these customers who are searching for this service in search engines.

This service page should go above and beyond marketing the service to answer commonly asked questions and provide advice for how to do the service or task themselves.


Help When You Need It


PointA is committed to helping our clients reach their digital marketing goals. Whether you want to build out content to target local keywords, need help managing your local listings, or want a data-driven content calendar, we can help. Give us a call at 231.882.1100 or reach out to us online today!

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