Marketing Trends 2020: What to Prioritize This Year

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade. With each new year comes a lot of surprises for the digital world, so we’ve done some research and discovered five emerging trends for 2020.

Read on for more about:

  • Voice search
  • Live video
  • Automation
  • Customer experience
  • Evolving SERP


Voice Search


Eighty-one percent of Americans own a smartphone. An important smartphone feature is voice search. Most Americans, therefore, can conduct a voice search straight from their phone. And many are planning to use voice search more in the coming year. Make sure your content is optimized to rank for search engine featured snippets!


Live Video


Live video streaming is going to be a $70.5 billion industry by 2021. Streaming live events, interviews, behind-the-scenes action or other real-time adventures is a great way for businesses to connect with clients and consumers. People trust people, not machines. Show your customers the human faces responsible for your awesome products and services.


Two young caucasian male bloggers in casual clothes with professional equipment or camera recording video interview at home. Blogging, videoblog, vlogging. Talking while streaming live indoors.

Live video is a great way to increase brand awareness and engage your followers.




The role of marketing is twofold: increase brand awareness and generate revenue. In order to accomplish either of these goals, marketers should consider using automation. Modern consumers often follow non-linear journeys with multiple touchpoints. Make sure your users have a consistent customer experience with automated lifecycle marketing so you can reach them with content relevant to their unique stage within the customer journey.


Customer Experience


Having a strong customer experience in 2020 will provide your business with a competitive advantage. Adopt a consumer-centric mindset and focus on what your business can do to serve its customers, not to just make more money at the expense of a customer.


Evolving SERP


The search engine results page, or the SERP, is the page you land on after entering a search query. The Google SERP used to look a lot different than it does today. Now, Google’s goal is to end the searcher’s journey right there in the search results. (In fact, our sister company, Oneupweb, gave a presentation on this phenomenon.) Make sure your content still gets seen by optimizing content for featured snippets, “people also ask” sections, video results and local pack results.


Start 2020 Off Right


Lots of changes are coming in 2020. To manage them all, consider working with PointA to streamline the process and get the best results.

Our team knows how to navigate voice search SEO, live video creation, marketing automation, customer experience and the evolving SERP. Make sure your business stays relevant in the coming decade by keeping up with these changes. Call us today!

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