Oryana Community Co-op – More Than Just “Website Design”

In October 2017, our parent agency Oneupweb was approached by Stephanie Mathewson, marketing communications manager at Oryana Community Co-op. Stephanie was on the hunt for a partner agency to assist the co-op in building a new website that was easy to manage and embodied their mission.

As huge fans of Oryana (seriously, have you tried their hot bar?), we practically begged our colleagues at Oneupweb to pass this project to our team as one of our first, full-scale website-design-and-development projects. After internal discussions, it was decided that PointA would work with Stephanie and her team to identify and address the specific challenges of the project, including:

  • User experience barriers
  • An outdated content management system
  • Fragmented brand presence
  • Missed opportunities to tell their story
  • Limited budget

Web Design With a Cooperative Purpose

Oryana is so much more than just an average grocery store. Operating in accordance with the 7 Cooperative Principles and by an internal set of “Ends” policies, Oryana is a sustainability-focused grocery store, café, community center and so much more. With each revision, the PointA team sought to embody Oryana’s mission statement and to help achieve their quadruple bottom line: “People, Planet, Purpose, and lastly, Profit.”

Keeping our challenges in mind, the PointA team worked alongside the team at Oryana to:

  • Build a new, easy-to-update WordPress website
  • Research the user experience of the original website and create a more easily navigable website
  • Design a new, aesthetically pleasing, on brand website

During this process, we clarified the co-op’s brand and created consistency between print and web materials. By increasing functionality, updating brand style and clarifying calls to action, we were able to deliver a new website that more accurately represented their brand and better served their audience.

When we met with PointA it became clear that they had the experience and the knowledge to be able to help us through the process of calling through all this different information and making it palatable and easy to search for our customers.

Stephanie Mathewson

Marketing and Communications Manager, Oryana Community Co-op

Project Completion and Maintenance

The project – outside of ongoing maintenance and refinement – took approximately six months to complete. Three months after completion, we met with the Oryana team to discuss additional functionality and refinements. We’re proud to have an ongoing relationship with Oryana that allows us to make additional improvements to the site month after month.

Oryana Community Co-op Video Testimonial

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