PointA Hopes to Foster Relationships With Franchises

PointA is excited to be part of the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention. Starting on February 24, franchise professionals from around the world will gather in Las Vegas to foster connections, discuss the future of franchises and grow together.

Dennis Caplinger is our accounts lead at PointA this week at IFA. He’ll be there learning more about the franchise ecosystem and the unique challenges franchise owners are facing in 2019. If you see him roaming the halls of Mandalay Bay, feel free to ask him more about marketing efforts for franchise businesses, how PointA helps franchises grow or what his favorite beer is.


PointA Understands Franchises

PointA recognizes the unique marketing needs of franchisees that differ from other small businesses. In working with our parent company at Oneupweb, we offer full-service marketing support to the franchise community. Oneupweb works with franchises to inform their national marketing efforts while PointA brings direct, coordinated strategy to franchises on the local level.

We want franchises to build upon the national brand efforts they contribute to, but not compete with them. We work with franchises from the bottom up to elevate each individual franchise owner’s business using research and strategy directly informed from the national level. With local, targeted results, PointA equips franchises to meet the expectations of the consumer and amplify and contribute to the national strategy.

The Value Is in This Partnership  

  • We work with national brand standards and ensure uniformity to those while creating unique local variations.
  • We use national strategy and research to amplify and distinguish our localized efforts.
  • We bring franchise owners to excellence with tactics that they need, at a price point they can afford — always to show a positive return on investment.
  • Reporting is key — ask us how Oneupweb and PointA can combine data and reporting to give franchise owners exactly what they need to see and gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on a national scale.
  • Additionally, Oneupweb can help aggregate and analyze the data for the national franchise teams to refine their strategy nationally.


Specific Services PointA Provides

  • search engine optimization
  • local listing management
  • search engine marketing (SEM)
  • PPC display advertising
  • social media advertising
  • social media content
  • website design + development
  • hosting
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