How to Recruit a Workforce through GMB Posts

Many of us have been asking ourselves this year: “why is it so hard to find quality workers?” Attracting job seekers to your business can be a struggle – especially now.

If you are a franchise owner, maybe you have exhausted your usual channels or maybe you are just looking for a new avenue. As your go-to small business and franchise marketing agency, we’re here to answer the question “how do I use the resources available to me to help recruit a workforce?”

One resource to funnel good workers to your business is to take full advantage of your Google My Business listing.


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Leverage GMB to find potential employees for your small business.


Why Use Google My Business?


Google My Business (GMB) does a lot of things, including directing consumers to relevant information, sharing upcoming events, promoting sales, and just generally channeling customers to your business. It provides considerable digital real estate, and it is free and easy to use!

Beyond the obvious marketing and promotion, another great part about it is that the more you use it, the better your local search engine optimization (SEO) becomes. The better your SEO, the easier it is for customers to find you when searching for businesses in your industry.

As GMB has developed, it has added new features along the way. Currently, you can showcase your business in a number of ways, which also means you can market to job seekers in a number of ways! Below we break down the various features and detail some creative ways for attracting employees.


What are the GMB features and how can I use them to recruit employees?


  • “What’s new”: This feature helps business showcase anything new and relevant. It helps share with potential customers who you are and what you do. This is a front-and-center way to show viewers that you are actively seeking staff. Good headlines for intriguing employees are: “Did you know we’re hiring?” “Come see why we’re ranked one of the best places to work by [ ].” The posts automatically expire after one week, so make sure to regularly update the posts.
  • Events: GMB enables users to share upcoming events. Advertising to job seekers through events is a great option because it encourages a timely response. This is a great space to advertise an upcoming job fair, a meet-and-greet, or even open interviews!
  • Offers: The offers feature helps share deals and promotions. If your business is providing hiring perks, this would be a great location to feature it. Maybe it is “hey, we’re offering a $100 signing bonus!” Conveniently, GMB allows terms and conditions to be attached to the post, so the rules around your hiring promotions can be clear.


Other Things to Consider


As you take advantage of these features on GMB, here are a couple of tips to optimize your posts and ensure a great user experience from the start. First, make sure your language is engaging and concise, while also having a clear call to action. We recommend playing around with headlines.

Secondly, highlight your CTA with images that share a little bit about what it is like to work for you. For both the language and the imagery, don’t be afraid to let the uniqueness of working for your business stand out!

Once a potential future employee chooses to engage with the call to action, help smooth the process by linking to the most helpful landing pages. For example, if you have a post about a specific position, connect it to that specific job description and not the general hiring page.


How to track viewer engagement with your posts


All these options are ways to promote your job openings, and can be used individually or in tandem, but we recommend trying various options and seeing what works for you. As digital marketers, we’re driven by data. So, if you are looking to assess how job seekers are engaging with your hiring content, make sure to review the Insights section of GMB.

Once there, you can see details about how people are interacting with various posts. Reviewing the data can help you see how viewers are resonating with your hiring call and can help determine if there are any roadblocks in a user’s journey.


Using GMB Moving Forward


If you aren’t regularly using Google My Business to share valuable information with the public, we hope this helps you feel more confident taking advantage of this resource in the future. For additional help with using your GMB account, check out this blog post.


What’s Next


When you have your ideal GMB listing in place, you may wonder “what’s next?” or “what haven’t I considered?” You can reach out online or call us at 231.882.1100 to see where PointA can take your business next.



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