The Skin Cancer and Dermatology Center — Case Study

Dr. Laurel Leithauser moved to Traverse City after completing her extensive training in Mohs surgery, which is a precise surgical technique used to remove skin cancer. She was working at another dermatology office in town when she decided it was time to open her own practice. She didn’t waste any time before opening her new location on West Front Street in 2018. Dr. Leithauser realized to get the practice off on the right foot, she’d need a website and more to build her brand in her new home.

She reached PointA’s door through a referral from our parent company, Oneupweb.


What Dr. Leithauser Needed

When she came to us, Dr. Leithauser was looking for a website for her burgeoning business. After conversations with the PointA team, we were able to provide her so much more.

Logo Update

Dr. Leithauser initially purchased a logo from a website. After we reviewed the logo, it just didn’t feel right. We asked her if we could have a couple hours to adjust it to better fit what she was looking for. We didn’t need to start over, as she liked the colors and the direction, but it just wasn’t a polished product. In a short amount of time, we combined our ideas and her established vision to create a logo that accurately represents Dr. Leithauser’s practice.

Website Design and Development

Since this was a new business, PointA had the opportunity to concept and build SCDC’s website from scratch. It was important to us, and to Dr. Leithauser, that the website highlight her expertise and establish the SCDC digital brand. The site is HIPAA secure and compliant, from the forms to the email Dr. Leithauser uses.

The new website we designed for Dr. Leithauser features easy-to-use navigation that helps clients quickly find the information they need.


We continue to work with Dr. Leithauser to keep the website live and optimized. Having the hosting in our hands means we upgraded it seamlessly to the new WordPress 5.0 standard without a hitch.


The new website also features original photography created by the PointA team. We used time in the mornings before clients arrived to take photos of the staff and office space for the website. Now, the website’s beautiful photos reflect the professional atmosphere of the office.

Why Work With PointA?

When Dr. Leithauser came to PointA, she was just looking for a website. We were able to work together to provide her with:

  • Website design and development
  • A polished logo
  • Professional photography
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant email
  • Continuous hosting

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