3 Small Businesses Using GMB the Right Way

Google My Business (GMB) is the perfect tool to get your small business seen by your local audience. Whether you’re a franchise located in Traverse City, Michigan, or an independent small business like Sugar2Salt, having an optimized Google My Business is Step One to digital success.


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Dennis Caplinger of PointA sits down with Stephanie Wiitala, co-owner of S2S.


What Is Google My Business?


Google My Business is a combination of social media and the Google search engine results page (SERP). You can register your business on Google My Business, and then your information shows up in a panel alongside search results when someone Googles you.


screenshot of search results in Google for the query

This is what shows up when someone searches Google for “pointa marketing.” On the right-hand side, you see PointA’s Google My Business profile. This provides a concise summary of PointA’s business information for the user.


It’s important to have an optimized and up-to-date Google My Business profile in today’s zero-click SERP. Users are less likely to click through to your website, so make sure they can access all the information they need about your business straight from the SERP.


3 Businesses Doing GMB Right


We found three small businesses doing Google My Business the right way. Use this list as a reference and make sure your Google My Business listing is optimized and equipped to reward you with leads.

Let’s begin …




Let’s talk a little more about Sugar2Salt. A simple Google search for “sugar to salt” serves this Google My Business profile:


screenshot of Google search results for query

Sugar2Salt’s optimized Google My Business profile helps users access the business’s information right from the search results page.


Right at the top of their GMB profile are some helpful visuals. S2S’s exterior photos and pinned location are there to make sure users know what they’re looking for. Next, S2S’s GMB profile features website, directions and a save option for ease of use. Someone hoping to visit S2S can click through to see their menu, get directions or save the profile to their Google account for future reference.

Another great element of S2S’s GMB profile is its reviews. S2S’s average rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.0 from 137 Google reviews – that’s a pretty strong social endorsement right there! Reviews are very important in aiding the consumer journey and giving your business instant credibility with the Google user.

Other important elements of this GMB profile include:

  • Address
  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Questions and answers
  • Updates
  • Social profiles
  • People also search for

But we’ll get to some of these in a moment.


Ener-Tex International


This Google My Business profile includes a short blurb about the company right at the top of the panel.


screenshot of Google search results page for query

Ener-Tex included this short blurb about their company right in their GMB profile: “Oil field equipment supplier in Houston, Texas.” Including this blurb helps users immediately understand the business.


Ener-Tex International’s GMB profile is highly optimized. Check out these features:

  • Address: Make sure your address is up to date so your consumers can find you.
  • Hours: Similarly, your hours should be accurate. Some people may not want to make an appointment and would prefer to drop by!
  • Phone number: On the other hand, some users may want to give you a call before visiting you. Make sure the number listed on your GMB profile is correct.
  • Popular times: This is a helpful bar graph showing the most popular times that consumers visit your location. This information helps customers plan their visit or prepare for waiting times.
  • Social profiles: It’s important to link to your social profiles in case your consumers want to find more information about you. 82% of marketers recognize the role social media plays in the customer journey.




The Oryana Community Co-op located here in Traverse City is another small business using GMB to its fullest potential. This GMB profile features a lot of the components of an optimized profile, as well as a few new ones to consider:


screenshot of Google search results page for query

Take note of the Events section in this GMB profile. This type of information allows users to plan their visit per your business’s event calendar.


Other notable features of this GMB profile you may want to include in your business’s profile:

  • Events: Advertise your events right on Google! Make sure to keep this section updated with current events and contact information.
  • Questions and answers: Similar to reviews in terms of importance, this section functions as a FAQ page. Provide curious users with answers to common questions and reassure them that they’re dealing with a real person behind that computer screen.
  • People also search for: Visit some of your local competitors’ GMB profiles and see if your business shows up! This is a good way to test the success of your GMB profile.


Google My Business “Updates”


One aspect of an optimized Google My Business profile not seen much in these three examples is Updates. The Updates section of a GMB profile is a great way for a business to stay in control of their narrative on the SERP. Otherwise known as “GMB Posts,” this section can be used regularly to communicate with your consumers, similarly to updating your business’s Facebook page. Include images, CTAs, external links and other elements to help make your GMB Posts engaging and effective. Use them to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or social channels, or simply to get your brand voice out into the world.


Need More Google My Business Advice?


Then you’re in the right place. PointA offers local listings management services to small businesses just like yours looking to improve their visibility among local audiences. Contact us today to help us help you stand out in the local SERP!

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