The Importance of Blogs and Brand Awareness for Your Franchise or Small Business

While the term “blogging” may dig up painful memories of a personal blog you created in the ‘00s to talk about your feelings, business blogs are an important part of your business’s content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is creating content (videos, blogs, social posts, etc.) meant to expose internet users to your business without pushing sales material.


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Your small business or franchise should utilize the power of blogs to increase your brand awareness.


For example, a home service franchise like Molly Maid will produce blog content aimed at educating users about DIY cleaning products, ideas and methods.

Content marketing is best combined with search engine optimization techniques like keyword research to find out what queries users are searching for.

Content marketing is also a valuable brand awareness tool your business or franchise can leverage right away. In fact, 72 percent of marketers say content marketing increases engagement.

Read on, and you’ll:

  • Understand why your business should be blogging
  • Learn what makes for great content
  • Get tips on staying consistent with your brand


Why It’s Important for Your Business to Have a Blog


When done right, a blog for your business will help you:

  • Establish your business as a thought-leader in your industry
  • Create easily sharable social fodder
  • Boost organic traffic for commonly searched terms relating to your business (SEO)

Let’s explore each of these concepts individually …


1. Blogging can establish your small business or franchise as a thought-leader in your industry.


When you create content around relevant topics to your industry, you’re positioning your business as an authority on those topics. Think about your favorite news sources. You might get your business news from The Wall Street Journal and your hometown sports scores from the local paper.

If your small business is a plant nursery, being a source for plant information instills trust with your audience, making them more likely to buy from you, share the content and tell their friends about you.


2. Social media marketing is easier when you create blogs.


Social media is all about the content, right? When you’re producing your own blogs, videos or other content, you automatically have social fodder.

Here are a few ways to repurpose blog content into great social media posts:

  • Hold a contest on social and post the winners on your blog
  • Create a video series about one topic
  • Host a Twitter chat around a recent blog
  • Post your blog links for your followers to find


The more you use social media marketing with your content marketing strategy, the further your brand will reach.


3. Use basic SEO tactics to boost organic traffic to your blog and website.


Search engine optimization works hand-in-hand with content marketing. In addition to establishing your brand as the authority and providing social media fodder, blogging is important for SEO, which in turn increases brand awareness.

Utilizing keyword research to understand what terms users are searching for relating to your business is one SEO tactic you can employ.

When your business ranks for keywords related to your area, that’s great “local” SEO. For example, if you run a landscaping business, you might write a blog about the best plants to grow in your area – using your city name throughout the blog. This tells search engines that your business knows the most about what plants grow in that particular city or region.


What Makes Great Content


Having a blog isn’t all there is to building brand awareness. Businesses need to practice a range of good content marketing techniques to reap all the benefits of a blog.

The best content will be well-written and relevant to your business and the keywords you’re targeting. In other words, answer the question as easily as possible! If you make sure you’re meeting the user’s needs, they’ll leave your website happy and remember the good user experience.


Brand Uniformity


If you’re a franchise owner that would love to start blogging on your website, that’s awesome! But it can be trickier to stay within brand standards when producing your own content.

It’s important to follow any guidelines set by corporate, but you can still blog about things interesting to you or relevant to the town you operate in.

Additionally, being in a franchise means you can share any blogs corporate creates. This is also great social media content and great for brand awareness.


Go Beyond Blogging for Brand Awareness


Blogging is important if a business wants to build brand awareness. Businesses that blog are seen as an authority on their subject and enjoy a major boost in search engine ranking. But practicing good content marketing is time-consuming. And there are so many more ways to spread brand awareness! Reach out to PointA today to see how we can help.

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