Why Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Are Valuable

Both SEO and SEM are marketing tools that help improve your company in an extremely competitive market. PointA is here to help guide you through SEM and SEO, what makes them different and how your company can benefit from using both.


How SEO Works


Search engines crawl all websites to understand the content on their pages and determine how to rank those pages on the SERP. The more optimized your website is for SEO, the higher Google, Bing, etc. will rank your pages.

Items that can positively or negatively impact your website’s ranking are extensive. They include:

  • Keywords
  • Site structure
  • Backlinks
  • Content
  • Website speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Internal and external links


The Difference Between SEM and SEO


Ultimately, search engine optimization is an organic component of search engine marketing. Even though these two types of marketing overlap, the terms SEM and SEO shouldn’t be used interchangeably, as they need to work together in order to accomplish marketing goals.

To break it down even further, the main point of SEO is to optimize your website in order to earn free traffic from sites such as Google, while SEM is the overarching idea of increasing visibility on sites such as Google through SEO and paid advertising such as PPC.


macbook laptop open to Google homepage alongside iPhone screen displaying Bing homepage

Using both SEM and SEO is crucial for a successful marketing strategy.


What Is SEM?


SEM, or search engine marketing, is a form of advertising that allows businesses to increase their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google or Bing.

These paid advertisements appear on SERPs when users search for keywords and phrases related to your business’s products or services. This is beneficial, as it allows companies to instantly get in front of customers who are at the desired stage of the funnel.


How SEM Works


SEM is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. After setting up an account, you select keywords to bid on. Advertisements are then shown alongside the search queries on Google, Bing or wherever else you may select to advertise. PPC is easy to set up, measure and map and comes in a variety of formats such as small text-based ads, product listings or shopping ads.


What Is SEO?


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making changes to your website development, content and design so your website is more optimized for search engines. This allows your web pages to gradually, over the course of weeks or months receive more traffic organically. The better optimized your website is, the more likely your page will appear higher on the SERP for your desired keywords.


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