Three Winter Marketing Campaigns to Try This January

Just because the weather is cold and it gets dark early doesn’t mean your marketing campaigns can’t bring joy to your audience.

Here are three recommendations to keep in mind when creating your marketing campaigns this winter:


a snowy scene featuring a log cabin tucked among pine trees

Reach even the most remote consumers with a stellar marketing campaign.


1. New Year, New You


It’s January, the season of resolutions. Why not show your audience how your brand is trying to better itself, too? Whether you’ve got a new product or you’ve set some new customer service goals, your audience will love your authenticity.

Emphasize “out with the old, in with the new!” language to piggyback off everyone who’s taking strides to better themselves in 2020.


2. Human Connection


When it’s cold outside, people seek out warmth among their loved ones. Help your users see the humans behind your business or organization! Introduce your team members by recording interviews, taking behind-the-scenes photos of your workspace, or posting fun facts about yourself on social media. By helping your audience get to know you better, you’re helping them trust you.

Foster a sense of connection between your brand and your audience and see engagement skyrocket.


3. Interactivity


Let your audience feel like they have a partnership with you. Instagram features interactive stickers on their “stories” feature that allow users to vote, take quizzes, ask you questions, get notified about new product launches and even shop!

Additionally, encourage your audience to leave reviews on your website, Google My Business profile and your other active social media platforms. Make sure you respond to ALL reviews – even the negative ones. Your audience should feel like your brand is there to help them, so acknowledge feedback when it comes.


PointA Can Help Warm Up Your Brand!


Spicing up winter marketing campaigns can be tricky. Striking the balance between what’s right for your brand and experimenting with new tactics can be confusing for users if you’re not organized.

PointA’s team is dedicated to generating revenue through content marketing, social media and local listings management. If any of these sound like something your brand is interested in, start a conversation with us today!

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