Sugar2Salt, a Website Design and Development Case Study

Established in 2017, Sugar 2 Salt is a restaurant and bakery dedicated to providing the best food and service that northwest Michigan has to offer. Specializing in locally sourced, seasonally driven food, Stephanie Wiitala, Jonathan Dayton and their team are deeply passionate about the beautiful and flavorful meals they serve on Gray Drive.

The Problem.

During the spring of 2018, our neighbors to the west approached the teams at Oneupweb and Point A about developing a simple, beautiful, no-fuss website for the restaurant. For their first full year of operation, the company had no website and operated solely via email and social media. During our discovery conversations with the Sugar 2 Salt (S2S) team, we determined that their problem was unique – though they had no issue filling the restaurant, they needed a website for two simple reasons:

  • Certain demographics of potential customers had provided the same feedback: They relied on websites for verifying a restaurant’s quality and operational hours. Without a website, these consumers were unsure if and when they should visit the restaurant.
  • Providing answers to frequently asked questions. As a small business, S2S has a small team with limited time and resources for answering questions via phone or social media.

The Solution.

After the discovery process, our team at Point A set out to develop a website for the S2S team that was within budget, answered FAQs, provided legitimacy and ultimately saved the restaurant time.

Our Process.

At Point A, we specialize in assisting small and local businesses in our community by providing economical, a la carte digital marketing services that are catered to each individual business’s needs. We work with business owners to determine their needs and deliver agile solutions that increase ROI. We partner with our parent company, Oneupweb, to give our clients the most bang for their buck.

The Results.

The website was launched on 7-12-2018. Using clean design and S2S’s striking branding, our team designed and built a website that met all the restaurant’s objectives:

  • Showcases S2S’s ever-changing, seasonal menu
  • Offers information regarding the company’s extensive catering options
  • Tells the story of S2S both visually and via a full-formed About page
  • Provides a platform for company updates on a blog
  • Contains relevant contact information, including a contact form
  • Integrates with their existing booking app
  • Connects to the company’s social media accounts
  • Displays the restaurant’s location and hours prominently on the homepage and throughout the site

Whether you’re looking to visit physically or virtually, Sugar 2 Salt is ready for you. Don’t forget to grab a cinnamon roll or an S2S Trail Sandwich – perennial favorites of the Point A and Oneupweb teams!

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