Doing Business in Michigan

Congratulations, you’ve just joined, or are about to, the ranks of hardworking entrepreneurs across the Great Lakes state committed to a dream. Because we serve the owners of small businesses in Michigan and want to help these dreams thrive, below we provide a few reasons why you should open a business in Michigan, and a few things you can expect if and when you do.

GDPR for Small Businesses

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy is an important change in data privacy regulation that grants internet users who are citizens of European Union countries new privacy rights. It requires companies that do business in the EU and that have EU customers follow new rules on how they use and store user data and for what purposes.

G Suite for Small Businesses

This is why we love Google G Suite for small business. It provides cloud-based software to manage, collaborate, control and connect many of the components that small businesses require – and it packages them in an easy-to-use platform that integrates across all your devices.

Introducing PointA

PointA was established in 2018 in Traverse City, MI. Born out of a desire to serve the marketing needs of our neighbors, we’re a marketing agency focused on digital marketing services for small and franchise businesses.

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