Benefits of Display Advertising for Small Businesses

Display ads are obvious advertisements. Compared to native ads, which are less disruptive and can even take the form of content marketing, there’s no question about whether a display ad is an ad. Display ads can take the form of a traditional banner ad, larger text billboard or video. They occupy the spaces of websites that have been set aside for paid advertisements.

Display ads are different than the ads you see on search engine results pages. Display ads appear on web pages when a person is surfing the web rather than searching Google.

Here’s why your small business should take advantage of display ads …


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Display ads provide marketers with actionable data.


Why Small Businesses Should Use Display Ads


Small businesses should consider display ads for several reasons. Using display ads is a great way to increase brand awareness. Since display ads aren’t limited to just text like SEM ads are, you’re free to use visual and auditory resources to help your brand stand out.

Additionally, display ads support targeting so you can drive qualified leads to your doorstep (virtual or otherwise!). Keep your brand top of mind with retargeting so those qualified leads are nurtured and turned into customers.


Common Myths About Display Ads


While display advertising has some obvious benefits, some myths are tarnishing its otherwise good name.

Display ads are, in fact, a great way to grow your business. Don’t let these common myths on display ads confuse you …


Myth #1: Display Ads Are Too Expensive


Don’t go directly to a publisher to buy ad placements – that is expensive. What you should do instead is participate in ad auctions to purchase a publisher’s remnant inventory, which is ad placement space sold for much cheaper.


Myth #2: Display Ads Don’t Work


Display ads measure views and engagement metrics, all while monitoring exactly who is interested in your content. This information can help you refine your sales strategy so you know precisely how to best sell your product.

Even if no one is clicking on your ad, your campaign can still be a success. Clicks aren’t the only valuable metric here – impressions matter, too.


Contact PointA for Paid Media Services


The world of display ads can be tough to navigate on your own. Managing your budget, setting the right target audience and deciding on the right type of ad content are some common concerns surrounding display ads. Here at PointA, we have a dedicated team well versed in display ads (and other types of digital paid media). Contact us today and find out how we can help your business grow with paid display advertising.

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