Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to when a business promotes itself through mailers, radio ads, newspaper ads, billboards and other similar methods. Digital marketing, on the other hand, refers to when a business promotes itself on the internet. Digital marketing includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, website creation and more.

Despite the differences, we recommend businesses use a combination of the two. Digital and traditional marketing work best in tandem with one another.


Digital Marketing Complements Traditional Marketing


One type of traditional marketing that many businesses use is direct mail: sending mailers directly to consumers’ homes. Direct mail requires 21 percent less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that direct mail is easy to understand. Pairing direct mail with social media retargeting ensures your brand stays top of mind in your local service area.

In order for this strategy to be the most effective, determine the social media channels your audience spends most of their time on. Focus on the top two for your retargeting campaign.

Once you’ve sent out your mailers, target users based on those two top platforms by demographic location. That way, after targeted customers receive your direct mail, they’ll also likely see your ads on social media. That’s powerful reinforcement.

You can even complete the loop further by promoting your social media channels right in your direct mail campaign, growing the number of consumers who will then eventually see your ads online. Plus, the more followers you have on your social media profiles, the better!


Traditional Marketing Complements Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is great for increasing brand awareness. But when you notice your audience moving further down the sales funnel, it might be time to engage them in new ways.

Use traditional marketing to turn your audience members into qualified leads. Once someone shows a considerable amount of interest in your brand, use traditional marketing strategies like direct mail and radio ads to drive him or her even further down the funnel. Make sure your brand messaging hits home by meeting your audience at all stages of their journey. Prospective customers and clients can physically hold onto direct mail, and they listen to the radio during their commute or while making dinner.


Woman hand turning button of radio in car

Radio ads are a powerful traditional marketing strategy.


By using digital and traditional marketing in tandem, your brand will be relevant to your audience no matter where they are.


Find Your Balance


Discovering the right marketing strategy for your business is a journey PointA can help you with. We tailor modern customer journeys by incorporating strategic touchpoints anywhere your audience interacts with your brand.

If you find yourself unsure of your best move, contact PointA today to talk strategy.

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